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Forge Ahead in your Cybersecurity Career with the Most Impactful Cybersecurity Certification.

USCSI® believes that important job roles such as Cybersecurity Consultant, Cybersecurity Analyst, Software Engineer, Network Engineer, and similar ones must now understand that every IT or computer professional must now become a Cybersecurity expert in oneself.

The Certified Cybersecurity Consultant (CCC™) certification is the most effective program for individuals who are looking to learn the latest, industry-relevant, and trend-setting learning to be aware of the cyber threats and help businesses, enterprises, and governments to assess risks. The program also enables a CCC™ certified professional to develop a secure architecture for internal and external applications. It is a mid-level certification program that includes various modules such as – Cryptographic Techniques, Applications of Cryptography, Security Architecture, Applying Architecture Models, Machine Learning, Data Science, and a lot more.

Program Fee

US $699 (*All inclusive for Self-Paced only)

CCC™ covers all the latest topics through eBooks and videos with Practice Code under the self-paced training module. Just 8-10 hours/week is all that’s required to excel. The program fee also includes the examination fee.

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All USCSI® certification programs are designed for specific target audience who require cybersecurity learning, however, they must meet certain eligibility criteria to even understand and take the maximum advantage out of the program. The CCC™ certification also has eligibility criteria which are categorized into minimum education qualification and work experience as mentioned below:

  • Associate Degree

    Path 01

    Required Minimum Mandatory Qualification

    Must have an Associate Degree or Diploma or equivalent in any academic discipline, preferably STEM, and be willing to learn Cybersecurity.

    Required Work Experience

    At least five years of experience in information technology or equivalent. However, knowledge of Linux/Unix/Programming language is desirable.

  • Bachelor Degree

    Path 02

    Required Minimum Mandatory Qualification

    Either completed or pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in any academic discipline, preferably with STEM and should be willing to learn Cybersecurity.

    Required Work Experience

    Work experience of up to five years is required. However, knowledge of Linux/Unix/Programming language is desirable.

  • CCGP™ / equivalent

    Path 03

    Required Minimum Mandatory Qualification

    Must have completed CCGP™ or other equivalent certification from USCSI®.

    Required Work Experience

    Experience is not mandatory and any individual interested in sharpening their cybersecurity skills is eligible.

Program Curriculum

The CCC™ program curriculum is designed considering the industry relevancy and the regular quick updates that happen all year round in cybersecurity. Every IT professional both technical and non-technical, cannot hide from the fact that cybersecurity is a must-learn for them to build secure applications or to provide the right approach for a secure application. Therefore, the program curriculum includes essentials and an advanced level of cybersecurity.

  • Protecting Data in Motion or at Rest
  • The Evolution of Ciphers
  • Evaluating Network Attacks
  • Design Principles of a Secure Cloud
  • Certificate Request or Enrollment Methods

  • Introducing Symmetric Encryption
  • Dissecting Asymmetric Encryption
  • Examining Hash Algorithms
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Cryptography
  • Certification Authority or CA

  • Adhering to Standards
  • Using a Public Key Infrastructure
  • Protecting Cryptographic Techniques
  • Exploring IPsec and TLS - Optional Reading

  • Understanding Cybersecurity Architecture
  • Design Principles of a Secure Cloud
  • Certificate Request or Enrollment Methods
  • The Core of Solution Building - Optional Reading
  • Configuring CA Properties - Optional Reading
  • Migrating Hashing Algorithm from SHA1 to SHA2 on Windows Server 2016 CA - Optional Reading

  • Scope and Requirements
  • Your Toolbox
  • Developing Enterprise Blueprints - Optional Reading
  • Application Blueprints - Optional Reading

  • Applying Architecture Models
  • Future-Proofing
  • Web Application Hacking
  • Securing Your Network and Website
  • Defending from Social Engineering Attacks
  • Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security
  • Securing Cloud Application Architectures - Optional Reading
  • Putting It All Together - Optional Reading

  • Machine Learning in Cybersecurity
  • Knocking Down CAPTCHAs
  • Using Data Science to Catch Email Fraud and Spam
  • Time Series Analysis and Ensemble Modeling - Optional Reading
  • Segregating Legitimate and Lousy URLs - Optional Reading

  • Catching Impersonators and Hackers
  • Mitigate Financial Fraud
  • Efficient Network Anomaly Detection Using k-means
  • Changing the Game with Tensor Flow - Optional Reading
  • Decision Tree and Context-Based Malicious Event Detection - Optional Reading

Resource Center

The USCSI® provides a state-of-the-art resource center that includes the study materials such as Study Books, videos, case studies, and practice codes to prepare for the certification exam. For CCC™ certification, once your registration is accepted you will get access to your dashboard, myControlPanel. This dashboard will host the resource center, booster exams, exam policies, and a lot more.

The resource center includes USCSI® Study-Book 1, Study-Book 2, and Study-Book 3 – all these eBooks cover the fundamentals of cybersecurity and the relevant topics like Machine Learning, Data Science, Cryptography, Understanding Hackers and Frauds, Time Series Analysis and Ensemble Modeling, and more.

Get Your Personalized Study-Books

You’ll get to view and learn from the best e-learning program for CCC™ certification, which includes a relevant collection of self-paced videos that will help you know the latest technological advances in cybersecurity and how to build your fundamental knowledge of it. This e-learning module will also introduces you to the real-world projects and use cases.

Get your Sample Videos

The CCC™ program has practice code to test your knowledge in a live environment. The CCC™ Practice Codes help you put your learning into practice and prepare you for the real challenges at a very early stage of your career.

Certificate and Digital Badging

Once you clear the prestigious examination, you will get a downloadable certificate, which will be available on your myControlPanel dashboard within 72 business hours. You will also receive a link to showcase your achievement on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and through a world-class digital badge from dgBadge. dgBadge is a digital certificate that will help you showcase your achievement digitally to everyone in detail.

Sample Digital Badge Sample Certificate

How to Apply

The USCSI® application process is very simple as compared to its counterparts. As the CCC™ is a self-paced program, you can apply for the program at any time of the year from anywhere. The program fee includes your application processing fees, hence there is no need to pay anything extra for the program. However, if you are intending to apply for the CCC™ program in a group, or you are an organization that is looking to upskill your current team – and you are looking for an online training session, then you must choose our Instructor-led Learning. Once you apply for this Prep-Mode, your application will be reviewed and approved by USCSI’s Center of Cybersecurity Knowledge and Excellence (CCKE), and will include an additional cost depending on your team size.

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