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The rise in cyber risks and threats bring our thoughts back to the ethical values inculcated within people are of utmost importance. At USCSI® we, therefore, believe in building the right ethical values and promoting USCSI® ethics within our ecosystem, which includes employees, candidates, alumni, partners, and clientele.

The USCSI® ethical foundations have been developed under various circumstances considering the experiences of businesses, leaders, technology experts, professors, educationists, banks, government agencies, and individuals. The ethical foundations are strongly built on three beliefs, the 3 Ss of USCSI® ethics – Standards, Security, and Support.

The USCSI’s Ethics and Standards Management Committee has pledged to review and maintain the ethical conduct and standards of all the programs and frameworks that the USCSI® projects under its brand. Ethical conduct is very essential in the cybersecurity domain as every piece of data is information and therefore urges to be analyzed for apt decision making. Should the data get flawed due to lack of professionalism – it is a severe hit to the organization and also to the education body which probably tried to build a personality while imparting the knowledge.

The 3 Ss – Standards, Security, and Support are our three beliefs which the USCSI® ethical foundation is built upon. The Ethics and Standards Management Committee holds these three beliefs strongly while developing and reviewing the professional conduct of the entire USCSI® ecosystem that includes, candidates, alumni, staff, partners, SMEs, and vendors.

  • Standards

    The first belief of our ethical conduct is the vision that represents the futuristic approach of USCSI® and its ecosystem. Considering the constant changes in the technical domain of cybersecurity, it becomes more important that USCSI® works best to achieve its vision of providing the most relevant and desirable cybersecurity standards for IT and security professionals to the world.

  • Security

    The second belief of our ethical conduct is the values that the USCSI® believes strongly to inculcate within its ecosystem. Every candidate or a partner must have the right set of security-based knowledge and skills to value professional conduct and identify the threats associated with diminishing ethical values or unethical motives within their respective ecosystems. Cybersecurity will always mean analyzing threats and minimize risks by creating corrective measures.

  • Support

    The third belief of the USCSI’s ethical framework is the support functions and workflows that need to be developed to minimize the risks and increase productivity. The continuous improvement and rigor in any cybersecurity practice must be imparted thoroughly to everybody in the ecosystem, thus making it a robust and future-ready profession.

Code of Ethics and Standards

Individuals from USCSI® and contender for the USCSI® assignment ("Members and Candidates") must:

  • 1Act with trustworthiness, skill, ingenuity, regard, and morally with the general population, customers, forthcoming customers, bosses, workers, associates in the speculation calling, and different members in the worldwide cybersecurity domains..
  • 2Place the honesty of the speculation calling and the interests of customers over their very own advantages.
  • 3Use sensible consideration, exercise free proficient judgment when leading speculation examination, make venture suggestions, take speculation activities, and participate in any cybersecurity projects.
  • 4Practice and urge others to rehearse in an expert and moral way that will enhance the proficiency.
  • 5Promote the respectability and practicality of the worldwide cybersecurity domains for a definitive advantage of the society.
  • 6Maintain and improve their expert capability and endeavor to keep up and improve the skill of other cybersecurity experts.

All USCSI® certification holders, candidates and partners globally are required to comply with the USCSI’s Code of Ethics and Standards. The ethics code and standard are updated annually and also reserves to right to update it either due to the urgent recommendations by the USCSI’s Ethics and Standards Management Committee or due to any other compliance and regulatory instructions by the United States government.