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A Must-Do Cybersecurity Program for All

The Certified Cybersecurity General Practitioner (CCGP™) certification is the most effective program for individuals who are looking to learn the latest, industry-relevant, and trend-setting learning to be aware about the cyber threats and also know how to protect themselves. It is a beginner-level certification program that includes various modules such as – Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Intrusion Detection System, Infrastructure Vulnerabilities, Tips and Tricks of Cybersecurity, Cybercrime Source Identification Techniques, and a lot more.

Program Fee

US $389 (*All inclusive for Self-Paced only)

*CCGP™ covers all the latest topics through eBooks and videos with Practice Code under the self-paced training module. Just 8-10 hours/week is all that’s required to excel.

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All USCSI® certification programs are designed to for specific target audience who require cybersecurity learning, however, they must meet certain eligibility criteria to even understand and take the maximum advantage out of the program. The CCGP™ certification also has an eligibility criteria which is categorized into minimum education qualification and work experience as mentioned below:

  • Required Minimum Mandatory Qualification

    No explicit qualification is required, however, candidate should be willing to learn and understand Cybersecurity.

    Required Work Experience

    No prior work experience is required.

Program Curriculum

The CCGP™ program curriculum is designed considering the practical application of cybersecurity techniques by anybody. There are lot of possibilities that even a non-technical individual would love to explore on how exactly to protect from cyber threats. Therefore, the program curriculum include fundamentals of cybersecurity and also some technical point of view to overcome cyber threats.

  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • Cybersecurity Landscape and Its Challenges
  • Desktops Software Applications

  • Information Security and Intrusion Detection System
  • Cybercrime Source Identification Techniques
  • Infrastructural Vulnerabilities and DDoS Flooding Attacks

  • Internet and Privacy
  • Devices – Android and iPhones
  • Smart Devices and IoT
  • Networks: Connectivity and internet

  • Email phishing
  • Social Engineering
  • Macro Malware
  • Smishing and Vishing
  • Ransomware
  • Smartphones and Mobile Apps
  • Banking Trojan
  • Fake AntiVirus

  • Password Management
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Browser Security

  • Internet Data Privacy
  • Social Media
  • Disinformation
  • Identity Theft
  • GDPR
  • Encryption
  • IoT/Internet of Things

Resource Center

The USCSI® provides the state-of-the-art resource center that includes the study materials such as Study Books, videos, workshops, and practice code to prepare for the certification exam. For CCGP™ certification, once your registration is accepted you will get the access to your dashboard, myControlPanel. This dashboard will host the resource center that includes: Study Books, videos, workshops, and practice code.

The resource center includes USCSI® Study-Book 1, Study-Book 2, and Study-Book 3 – all these eBooks cover the fundamentals of cybersecurity and the relevant topics like Desktop Software Applications, DDoS Flooding Attacks, Internet and Privacy, Smart Devices and IoT, Intrusion Detection Systems, and more, specially designed for the CCGP™ candidates.

Get Your Personalized Study-Books

You’ll get to view and learn from the best e-learning program for CCGP™ certification, which includes a relevant collection of self-paced videos that will help you know the latest technological advances in cybersecurity and how to build your fundamental knowledge of it. This e-learning module will also introduces you to the finest workshops that talk about real-world projects and use cases.

Get your Sample Videos

The CCGP™ program has practice code to test your knowledge in a live environment. The CCGP™ Practice Codes help you put your learning into practice and prepare you for the real challenges at a very early stage of your career.

Certificate and Digital Badging

Once you clear the prestigious examination, you will get a downloadable certificate, which will be available on your myControlPanel dashboard within 72 business hours. You will also receive a link to showcase your achievement on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and through a world-class digital badge from dgBadge. dgBadge is a digital certificate that will help you showcase your achievement digitally to everyone in detail.

Sample Digital Badge Sample Certificate

How to Apply

The USCSI® application process is very simple as compared to its counterparts. As the CCGP™ is a self-paced program, you can apply for the program at any time of the year from anywhere. The program fee includes your application processing fees, hence there is no need to pay anything extra for the program. However, if you are intending to apply for the CCGP™ program in group, or you are an organization who are looking to upskill your current team – and you are looking for an online training session, then you must choose our Instructor-led Learning. Once you apply for this Prep-Mode, your application will be reviewed and approved by USCSI’s Center of Cybersecurity Knowledge and Excellence (CCKE), and will include an additional cost depending on your team size.

CCGP™ Self-Paced Program

For Individuals @ US $389 all inclusive

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CCGP™ Instructor-led Program

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