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You can now showcase your achievement of acquiring the most powerful cybersecurity qualification through your digital badge. The United States Cybersecurity Institute (USCSI®) has partnered with one of the leading digital badging platforms, dgBadge to help you attract your followers like colleagues, friends, recruiters, current and future employers, clients, and many others.

The CCGP™, CCC™, and CSCS™ certification holders can tell their professional stories on various channels and platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, emails, chats, networking sites, and a lot of others.

How to get started with dgBadge

Getting started with dgBadge is very easy and simple. Once you clear your chosen certification exam, you will be awarded with the certificate digitally and you will also receive the link to your digital badge. This link will be valid for your lifetime.

  • 1 Application – During registration for your program, enter your name correctly
  • 2 Validation – Enter your brief profile – it will be displayed on your digital badge
  • 3 Clarification – Clear your exam to initiate the digital badging process
  • 4 Decision – Claim your digital badge from myControlPanel
  • 5 Formalization – Share it on social media