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As the technology grows, the threats increase and therefore Cybersecurity becomes one of the most skilled professions that can help businesses, institutions, and governments in protecting the very infrastructure and processes they’ve developed intensely. The United States Cybersecurity Institute (USCSI®), aims to provide the best workforce and to help close the skill-gap in the Cybersecurity domain. USCSI® understands the fact that globally there is a shortage of skilled cybersecurity talent, and to fulfill this shortage new talent must be found and upskilled or reskilled. USCSI® has therefore worked to turbocharge the cybersecurity talent-force through its Turbo-Cert program initiative where universities, training institutions, organizations, and professionals can speed up their cybersecurity upskilling through required aid or concessions.

The USCSI’s Turbo-Cert Program is categorized into three segments:

Discount for Professionals in Group

Professionals planning to charge-up their Cybersecurity career growth with any of our Cybersecurity certification programs can be awarded the Turbo-Cert Pro program – a group concession package. If a group of individuals applies for any certification, then every candidate from that group can avail of our Turbo-Cert discount on the respective program fee.

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Discount for Individual Professionals

USCSI® impacts the careers of professionals in Cybersecurity across domains and thus recognizes various organizations and businesses in the world. These organizations have the ability to inherit change, expertise, processes, learning, and technology that can benefit communities. Under Turbo-Cert Pro, we recognize:

  • Fortune 500 organizations
  • Top organizations from various countries

If you belong to any of the organizations, you will automatically be eligible for a discount of up to 10%.

*Our list of organizations under Tubro-Cert Pro is updated annually.

For Universities/ Academia

The Uni-Cert Turbo program is specific to our University Partners and Academic Partners. Universities or academic institutions, who apply for USCSI® certifications in volumes, are eligible for our Turbo-Cert discount along with benefits such as exclusive partnership rights.

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Discount for Alumni/ Students From Recognized Universities

USCSI’s Uni-Cert Turbo program recognizes the contributions and impact created by various universities and colleges over the years. Alumni/ Students belonging to these universities can now benefit from USCSI® programs by automatically becoming eligible for a discount of up to 10%.

Download the list of universities and colleges recognized under the Uni-Cert Turbo program.

*Our list of universities/colleges under Uni-Cert Turbo is updated annually .

Discount for Professionals in Group

USCSI® understands, believes in, and supports organizations to enhance their workforce with various means of skill development. Organizations that upgrade their resources with knowledge and skill are likely to excel at least 32% more than the organizations that only hire new talent or resources. Some usual modes of skill development are - Industry events, Orientation Programs (1-day training), Introductory or Advanced Training (2 - 10 day training), Certification Programs, and more.

Organizations planning to upskill or reskill their teams or a set of employees with our Cybersecurity Certifications can be awarded concessions on our certification fee under our Co-Cert Turbo program.

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