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USCSI® certification programs are designed meticulously by our ‘Center of Cybersecurity Knowledge and Excellence (CCKE)’ to cater to the needs and requirements of all professionals who want to make their career as well as excel their career in cybersecurity domain. The programs are also designed keeping those individuals in mind who have an interest and are looking to learn on how they should be protecting their data and their systems from cyber threats. Therefore, the creators of the programs have been very particular on how can one absorb so much of information and knowledge both in a professional sense and in an individualistic sense.

To prepare for the chosen program, you can go with the most popular Self-Paced Learning or you can choose Instructor-Led Learning.

Self-Paced Learning

This is the most popular way of learning today for professionals, as it allows you to prepare and learn on your own terms. A simple and practical approach to learn from the most comprehensive and exhaustive study materials.

Learn at your own terms.

Invest Just 8-10 hours per week of learning.

Access your learning material from anywhere, anytime.

Structured learning from Study books, videos, Case Studies, and practice code.

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A Practical Approach to Learning

The self-paced learning is well-structured to impart learning through multi-level genres:

Each program provides you the eBooks that contain the latest and industry-relevant modules to help you learn the basics, advanced and strategic cybersecurity

The study kit includes the second genre of learning through videos that includes between 20 to 50 hours of videos that collaborates and corresponds to the program curriculum and the study books.

The self-paced genre also includes case studies that solve real-world use cases which again corresponds to the videos, eBooks, and the program curriculum.

The self-paced learning is further structured into practice code based leaning that provides you with the real-world and lab-based approach to cyber threats, risks and their solutions.

Instructor-led Learning

The USCSI’s Center of Cybersecurity Knowledge and Excellence (CCKE), has worked on another approach to learning on popular demand – the Instructor-led learning. This approach was created considering the Learning and Development departments in organizations, enterprises, and governments, and also for indigenous teams from academia, which insisted on Instructor-led learning, since a group of professionals can be easily trained under various schemes and self-programs of the organizations itself.

Please note, this learning approach is on-demand and will be considered on approval from the office of CCKE. All approved requests for Instructor-led learning will be executed by various training partners or exclusive partners of USCSI® of the respective regions.

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