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Are Passkeys better alternatives to Passwords?

Are Passkeys better alternatives to Passwords?

Passkeys are the new trend to keep your devices and accounts secure. They are now proving to be a better alternative than passwords which are complex to remember and require frequent changing at regular intervals making it even harder to manage them.

But what’s so unique about passkeys and why are they becoming popular?

Well, according to FIDO Alliance, passkeys are able to eliminate phishing attacks by up to 90%. Not just that, they are free from the risk of password leaks or getting compromised.

Sounds interesting right? So, what do passkeys actually are?

Passkeys are a new and improved way to sign in to your device, apps, and websites that has replaced the traditional password login methods.

Passkeys use public key cryptography for authentication and eliminate the need to keep passwords secured.

Though passkeys are not available for all websites and applications yet, almost all the major organizations and large tech firms have already employed the use of passkeys for secured login. And soon, every organization, big and small, will use it for their employees and customers as well.

If you are seeking a career in cybersecurity, learning about passkeys is a must.

So, check out our detailed infographic on passkeys, how they work, what are their advantages over traditional passwords, and how they can benefit enterprises.

Are Passkeys better alternatives to Passwords?