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Become a Cybersecurity Specialist in 2024

Become a Cybersecurity Specialist in 2024

Do you know that by 2025 there will be around 3.5 million unfilled Cybersecurity jobs globally and around 770,000 in the US alone?

This huge demand for cybersecurity professionals is because of advancements in technology that have facilitated malicious actors to perform cyberattacks at a large scale and also an increasing number of different kinds of cyber threats that are becoming more innovative and more sophisticated.

So, Cybersecurity Specialists are the need of the hour. Every organization needs qualified and certified cybersecurity expert who can help protect their digital assets and infrastructure from ever-increasing cyber-attacks. In this USCSI’s comprehensive infographic guide on “Become a Cybersecurity Specialist in 2024”, we shed light on a clear roadmap to becoming an efficient professional. Learn about:

  • Roles and responsibilities of Cybersecurity Specialists
  • Step-by-step process to becoming one
  • Their job outlooks
  • And the best cybersecurity certification to ace this career path.

As a cybersecurity specialist, professionals need to have a highly creative approach to designing and implementing security measures for their organization. So, having a clear idea about essential concepts is mandatory.

Become a Cybersecurity Specialist in 2024