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A Guide to Digital Forensics in Cybersecurity

A Guide to Digital Forensics in Cybersecurity

Digital forensics is an important element in the world of cybersecurity. It is used to investigate the aftermath of cyberattacks and security incidents. Cybersecurity professionals dealing with digital forensics are more like detectives in the digital world where they must collect, analyze, preserve, and report electronic evidence. They have to identify the culprit and understand the scope of the attack along with recovering the compromised data.

Today, digital forensics is one of the most in-demand aspects of the cybersecurity domain because of the increase in number of cyber crimes across the globe. According to IBM, the global cost of cybercrime was around $6 trillion in 2023, and this number will only increase over time. So, the demand for digital forensics experts to analyze and report the incident will also be on the higher side.

For all the students and professionals looking to get started with their careers in cybersecurity, digital forensic science should be among the top priorities to learn, as it is a widely used method by incident response teams.

USCSI® brings a detailed guide on Digital Forensics and a career in it aiming to help you understand the intricate concepts of digital forensics in cybersecurity and present a detailed roadmap for this career path.

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