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Self-Explanatory Guide on Cyber Threat Intelligence for 2024

Self-Explanatory Guide on Cyber Threat Intelligence for 2024

With Future Market Insights predicting the cyber threat intelligence market forecast value to reach a staggering USD 55 billion in the following decade; the industry is poised to experience deadly cyberattacks. This calls for the urgent hiring of a specialized cybersecurity professional who can handle these attacks alongside showcasing cyber threat tools and cybersecurity skills.

Verizon comes forth with the cybercrime report that expects these attacks to cost the world USD 9.5 trillion in 2024. That is a whopper amount to put on stake when it comes to guarding sensitive data and securing businesses worldwide.

Cyberthreat intelligence has become a term that encompasses many facets of the cybersecurity world. Popular cyber threat tools include open-source intelligence tools, ISACs, Threat intelligence feeds, threat intelligence platforms, SIEM, and human intelligence. With these tools and skills in place, it is essential to understand the core of threat intelligence life cycle that looks like:

Direction> Collection> Processing> Analysis> Dissemination> Feedback

While guarding critical data and sensitive business information, a cyber threat intelligence expert shall deploy their expertise in handling trivial situations. These professionals are guided by the credible cybersecurity certification programs that grace their portfolio; as they progress on their cybersecurity career trajectory. Take home a whopper of USD 70K- 113K as a cyber threat intelligence analyst in 2024 (StationX). Make an informed decision as you plan to take the plunge and allow greater career opportunities open for you!

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