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Role of Generative AI in Strengthening Cybersecurity Measures

Role of Generative AI in Strengthening Cybersecurity Measures

Generative AI launched a couple of years ago isn’t just limited to generating marketing copies, newsletters, or codes. It has got a wide range of applications in also plays an important role in strengthening the cybersecurity measures of any organization.

Generative AI in cybersecurity has both positive as well as negative consequences where cyber-criminals can use it to carry out cyber-attacks at large scale and cybersecurity professionals can leverage the Generative AI technology to improvise more advanced cybersecurity defense techniques.

While this incredible technology can be used to generate targeted emails for phishing attacks and build more sophisticated malware, it can also be used to autonomously monitor network traffic and detect malware with 50% more efficiency.

When it comes to the defense mechanism of the organization, Generative AI can assist in scenario-driven cybersecurity training, generate synthetic data, detect threats, as well as automate security policy, and optimize overall security efforts.

Today, more and more organizations understand the impact of Generative AI in cybersecurity. According to MarketResearch, the Generative AI in the cybersecurity market is projected to grow by 4.5 billion by 2027. So, we can also conclude the demand for cybersecurity experts will be larger than ever.

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